Command and Conquer Generals 2. What could have been?

Generals 2, yes, Command & Conquer, No! Command and Conquer Generals 2, not “Command & Conquer”, no, Generals 2, what we wanted. What could it have been?

I will admit I don’t always think about the game, mainly due to the state of the franchise and how dead it is. Sometimes you’ll see articles come out (here and here) that discuss or speculate a Generals 2 release date but they’re more wishful thinking than actual fact. Many wonder if EA has completely abandoned the franchise. It’s a sad state for us C&C fans to be in for sure. It’s even lead to some long time fans giving up on the franchise such as the closure of a long time fan site as an example.

So that makes me come back to the question of what could it have been?

  • Something better than free 2 play
  • Something more than having a potential unit cap
  • Something better than pay 2 win
  • A return to cut scenes in some fashion
  • No paid unit color upgrades
  • No paid servers
  • A true sandbox feel
  • A level editor
  • Rock solid multiplayer WITH Lan Connectvity
  • And more…

Yes, I could keep going and going and going I will admit but I think you get the picture. A Generals 2 game that has those features or lacking the bad ones is what we wanted. It’s something that I believe one day we might get if EA either gets a clue or sells the IP. Will it happen? Only time will tell.